Land Clearing

Do you have an empty lot that has been neglected or a new home site that needs to be cleared so that you may start construction? If so you may find a contractor that does land clearing on our Specialized Services page.
Most landscapers can clear tall grass, weeds and brush no problem but when clearing a lot of shrubs and trees or regrading it may be time to consider hiring someone with heavy equipment to do the job.

Ponds & Water Features 

 The presence of water whether flowing or still is soothing, calming and relaxing, while adding yet another dimension to a landscape. Add some fish for even more enjoyable entertainment. Most people are not fortunate enough to have a natural water feature on their property but that shouldn’t stop you if you really want one.
If space is limited you could probably still find room for something smaller like a decorative fountain or a small scale waterfall. You may want to locate it closer to the house or in the backyard or patio area where you spend more time.
Fountains come in many shapes, sizes and styles so chances are good that you will not have a hard time finding one to compliment the style and architecture of you home. You will also have to choose the type of material from which it is made.
While concrete, resins and plastics are usually the most commonly found materials some are made from glass, ceramic, fiberglass, rubber, cast iron or even wood in some cases. A water fall or should we say a water wall can be made simply by creating a wooden frame in the shape of an up side down ” U ” with a tub at the bottom and using PVC pipe with holes drilled in a straight line to run under the top and down along one side into the tub reservoir where it is connected to a pump.
Many smaller ponds come pre- formed in many shapes and sizes, usually made from some type of a plastic in varying thicknesses. Purchasing a pre- formed pond in the shape of your choosing is usually the best choice for the beginner and can save you some money, time extra work and aggravation as opposed to installing a rubber liner instead.
Good quality rubber liners can also be used to form a waterfall going into the pond or on a hillside. They are more expensive and also more difficult to work with ( a good deal of planning & measuring involved ) but they are also more flexible, long lasting and durable. By using a rubber liner the size and shape of your pond can be less restricted and it allows you to be more creative.
Ponds can also be made from concrete. This is no doubt a lot of planning and hard work but can be cheaper than buying a liner. If you have the extra time, don’t mind the hard work and are willing to make a form and install metal re-bar,  metal mesh and mix concrete then this may be another option. You will have to figure out how thick to make it and may want to do a little more research and planning for the best results before attempting this project.
If you would rather leave this type of project up to an experienced expert then simply visit our Ponds & Water Features page under Specialized Services to find pro’s in your neighborhood.

Snow Removal

Most Landscapers located in the snow belt regions do snow removal during the winter months. If your guy doesn’t then just go to our Specialized Services page where you will find someone local who does.  These guys get an early start and work hard putting in long days if necessary to be sure and take care of all their snow customers. They are dependable and can plow the driveway for you, shovel the walk, steps and spread salt when needed.

Tree Service

Need a tree service? Most tree services not only trim or cut down and remove trees when necessary, they can professionally trim the newer younger trees to train them to maintain a nice uniform shape and size. It is a good idea to have this done as necessary every few years especially if the tree is close to electrical wires, the house or other structure to help the tree to develop properly as it grows so it does not get out of hand and become an eyesore or cause other problems when it is bigger.
Tree work can be dangerous and people have died trimming and removing trees so although this service may seem expensive sometimes, it may very well be a wise investment to leave this job to a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professional tree service instead of trying to attempt doing it yourself.
Experienced tree climbers are familiar with the best and safest techniques and have the proper equipment and safety gear to tackle the job. They most times have a crew that works as a team to handle the different aspects of the job. One or two guys may be operating chain saws, one in the tree and one on the ground, while another drags away the fallen branches and yet another operates a chipper / shredder machine or loads logs onto the truck.
When doing tree removal sometimes the clean up can take more time than actually cutting down the tree itself. Depending on the size of the logs additional equipment may be necessary to remove them. If the remaining stump also needs to be removed through use of a stump grinding machine then it may even be necessary to extend the project to another day.
Tree services can sometimes be overwhelmed with work when a bad storm passes through an area leaving numerous downed trees in its path. In an emergency situation the workers can have dangerous live electrical wires to deal with and must quickly clear the paths for roads and highway travel and public safety vehicles.
Looking for a good professional tree service in your area?  Just go to our Specialized Services page and choose tree service.


” Hardscape ” is a term that refers to the hard inanimate materials commonly used in landscaping like wood or Concrete based products or features like wall stone, brick pavers or treated lumber for example. ” Hardscaping ” can be considered as the act of installing these features or refer to the finished product.
Hardscaping has become more and more popular in recent years perhaps due to the large variety of innovative products and color choices and the long life of the finished products making them a wise investment.
Landscape walls can now be stronger, longer lasting, more precise easier to secure and build while also being color co-ordinated, fancy, decorative, purposeful and beautiful all at the same time. The same can be said for pavers for walkwayspatiosdrivewayscourtyards and step systems.
Other popular hardscaping projects may include but are not limited to planters, ponds, fountains, statues, fireplaces, built in benches, outdoor kitchens etc…
If a wall is necessary why not make it an attractive one? Hardscaping requires digging, shoveling, tamping, leveling heavy lifting and hard work even if some machinery is used in the process. Nice hardscaping does not come cheap.
I actually completely stopped doing walls and paver work for years because I got so tired of wasting hours of my time to give free estimates for jobs only to be turned down by the average homeowner because they were usually shocked and had no idea of how much things like this actually cost or of the amount of work involved to do it properly.
So I encourage you to please do a little research and be prepared to have a substantial  budget set aside for these types of projects before seeking bids for the project and wasting time. While well designed and built hardscaping can be a serious investment it will definitely ad beauty, functionality and increase your property’s value for many years to come.
Please refer to our Specialized Services page on the city sites to find some serious professional hardscape installers near you.
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Sprinkler System Service & Installation

Do you want to keep your lawn looking green and healthy all year round? Tired of spending too much time watering your lawn with a garden hose? Then you may be thinking about installing a sprinkler system.
Depending on which part of the country you live in normal yearly rainfall levels may vary greatly. Although different areas have different types of grasses in the average lawn that may or may not be more tolerant of dry arid drought-like conditions you may still want to water your lawn when it desperately needs it.
Since you are watering anyway you may want to also include your shrubs, plants and even trees. This whole process may take more time to do a good complete and through job than you originally expected. With work and a busy schedule you find it very difficult to find the time you need for this daily chore.
You want to keep the lawn from burning out and your plants from wilting and you know a good regular watering schedule will prevent that from happening.
Well then it may be time to consider installing a lawn & garden sprinkler system. It just depends on how much you value a nice green healthy lawn and garden. If you are willing to put out a few grand for the project and hire a professional to do the work then problem solved.
If you are building a new home then this may the ideal time to install lawn irrigation especially since you will probably be able to include it when financing the whole project.
Sure like any project if you do it yourself you can save some money but when will you ever have the time to do it? Besides there are usually more benefits to hiring a professional than just getting the hard work done and done quicker.
lawn sprinkler installation service is up to date and experienced on the latest and best fixtures, hardware, installation and service techniques to do a professional job so why not have them do it?
If you have decided to finally get it done this year and now all you need to do is find someone then simply go to our Specialized Services page here on this site where you will find a professional sprinkler system installerthat services your area.
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Landscape Architect

landscape architect is a person who is educated in the field of landscape architecture. The practice of landscape architecture includes: site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, storm water management, sustainable design, construction specification and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances. The title landscape architect was first used by Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of New York City’s Central Park.
Landscape architects typically do the following: Confer with clients, engineers, and building architects to understand a project. Prepare site plans, specifications, and cost estimates. Coordinate the arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures.
A good experienced landscape architect can be a very wise investment in the long run especially if you are planning on building a new home or have a large area such as a park, a business or an entertainment facility for example that you would like to have landscaped.
This experienced and knowledgeable professional can add great value to your project. The seasoned professional will have a great knowledge of all different types of grasses, plants, trees and shrubs that will do well in your specific region and climate.
They will also be familiar as to how these plants grow and thrive, the colors of their foliage, blossoms and know how to develop the land, the drainage and other factors to best accommodate them. The proper placement is a very important consideration so as to account for sunlight conditions, wind and weather conditions, future growth requirements and long term sustainability.
All these considerations will greatly promote not only the health and well being of the living specimens the proper planning will also prolong the life and beauty as well for the best results in the long run.
The landscape architect can work closely with you to determine more exactly what it is that you are setting out to accomplish in the different areas and aspects of the property. They will be able to make the best recommendations not only in relation to the look, colors and feel but also in regards to the maintenance of the landscape.
If you would like to schedule a consultation with an experienced professional please go to our Specialized Services page to find the right landscape architect in your neighborhood.

Landscape Lighting

The addition of lighting to your homes landscape can create a whole new dimension to the night time appearance of your home not to mention making it overall a safer and more secure environment for your family and friends.
Walkway lighting may be your first consideration for the safety of your guests. You will probably want to include any steps and patio areas as well.
You may have some good ideas on how to create a stunning landscape that can be enjoyed at night too. The ideal landscape should have outdoor lighting fixtures that are both functional and decorative at the same time.
Modern led lighting is definitely the way to go. Leds can provide a wide spectrum of brightness and colors, be long lasting and durable too while also being economical withlow energy consumption at the same time.
Before investing in any landscape lighting take some time to think about the idea and to put into perspective exactly what it is that you would like to accomplish. Ask yourself what are the purposes for which the lighting will serve.
While any lighting will help to improve night time safety and security, I am sure there are specific areas you may want to focus on for both functionality and appearance sake.
Spend a little time to think about those areas for a minute. You may have a bench, swing or a pathway through the garden that you would like to use at night. Maybe you want some lights to focus on those fancy ornamental shrubs on each side of the main entrance, the tree in the center of the front yard or perhaps the flag at the top of the pole.
Take notes and make some sketches of all the different areas that would benefit fromillumination. Once you have a good idea of exactly what it is that you would like to accomplish then go to the Specialized Services page of our website to find theprofessional landscape lighting contractor who will ” make it all come to light ” for you so to speak.
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Decks & Wood Structures

Wooden structures can add a new dimension to the appearance of your homes landscape and outdoor areas. You may be considering adding a deck or a Gazebo for outdoor entertainment, more versatility and enjoyment of the great outdoors and landscape of your home. If you enjoy sunbathing, family gatherings or just sitting and enjoying your morning coffee then you may want to consider installing a deck as an ideal place for this.
If a deck just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle you may want to consider a hexagonal or octagonal shaped Gazebo. The style of a Gazebo tends to add an old world charm to a property and can serve as a place out of the direct sunlight or rain to enjoy the company of friends or family to enjoy a view at the top of a hill, next to a stream,pond,lake or in the center of a summer garden or any other location of your choosing.
It may be open and furnished or have built in benches and a table. You may choose to have it screened in with a door, add lighting, ceiling fan, decorative railing or curtains for more privacy or just for the appearance.
Perhaps a wooden swing or a bench to serve as a place for rest and relaxation. A woodenplay set for the kids, a tool shed, garden trellisarborpergola, a bridgestepswall or even a balcony. You name it there are numerous useful and attractive landscape features that can be created using the unique qualities and look of wood.
You may find a local contractor that specializes in outdoor wooden structures and can help you make your ideas become a reality, right here on our site in the Specialized Services pages.


I discovered Hostas when I first started landscaping. I would usually see the plain green, or green and white varieties and did not care for them very much at the time. It was not until I learned how hearty they are and unlike most plants how well they thrive in shady areas that I began to have a greater appreciation for them. I have since grown very fond of them in recent years because they are the best solution for our area to fill in those part sun to full shade areas of the landscape.

​Once I discovered there are over 2000 varieties worldwide, I began to seek out the different varieties here in America and now I actually collect them. So when a landscaping project calls for Hostas, I can offer my customers that personal touch by allowing them to choose from a larger selection of plants that for the most part are otherwise not readily available locally.

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