To become a certified arborist some formal education is required. Arborists usually are required to hold a bachelors degree in a related field. If the arborist is going to use pesticides in their job then licensing may also be a requirement.
 Arborists specialize in raising, maintaining and removing trees. Typically a bachelors degree in a field such as arboriculture, horticulture or environmental conservation is required.
 If an arborist is going to be applying pesticides to trees, they must be licensed. They may consider an apprenticeship under a licensed arborist before obtaining their own license. They can also earn voluntary certification.
 Arborists use hand and power equipment to trim, shape or remove trees. They may also specialize in maintaining tree health, planting trees or landscaping.
 While most of the time outdoor work is involved while trimming, shaping or removing trees, inside office work also may be possible when planning new plantings or designing landscape or park layouts.
 Many arborists specialize in tree maintenance as tree trimmers or tree removers. Tree trimmers care for individual trees through shaping and training of young trees and also by removing excessive growth, dead or dying branches. Removal of fallen storm damaged, dead or unwanted trees is also involved.
 They may also use their training to determine the best species of trees to plant in a given area based on geographical location, climate and soil conditions.
 You may find a qualified certified arborist on our site here under the specialized services category pages.