” Hardscape ” is a term that refers to the hard inanimate materials commonly used in landscaping like wood or Concrete based products or features like wall stone, brick pavers or treated lumber for example. ” Hardscaping ” can be considered as the act of installing these features or refer to the finished product.
Hardscaping has become more and more popular in recent years perhaps due to the large variety of innovative products and color choices and the long life of the finished products making them a wise investment.
Landscape walls can now be stronger, longer lasting, more precise easier to secure and build while also being color co-ordinated, fancy, decorative, purposeful and beautiful all at the same time. The same can be said for pavers for walkwayspatiosdrivewayscourtyards and step systems.
Other popular hardscaping projects may include but are not limited to planters, ponds, fountains, statues, fireplaces, built in benches, outdoor kitchens etc…
If a wall is necessary why not make it an attractive one? Hardscaping requires digging, shoveling, tamping, leveling heavy lifting and hard work even if some machinery is used in the process. Nice hardscaping does not come cheap.
I actually completely stopped doing walls and paver work for years because I got so tired of wasting hours of my time to give free estimates for jobs only to be turned down by the average homeowner because they were usually shocked and had no idea of how much things like this actually cost or of the amount of work involved to do it properly.
So I encourage you to please do a little research and be prepared to have a substantial  budget set aside for these types of projects before seeking bids for the project and wasting time. While well designed and built hardscaping can be a serious investment it will definitely ad beauty, functionality and increase your property’s value for many years to come.
Please refer to our Specialized Services page on the city sites to find some serious professional hardscape installers near you.
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