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This website has been a dream for me. It has been that idea for me that just kept rattling around in my head for years and it never really went away, if you know what I mean?

It all started about 24 years ago when I had only been doing landscaping for a short while. I paid to advertised my business in the local free papers and it worked in the beginning.

However with each passing year it became less and less effective and more and more expensive as the internet was just beginning to take over.

I thought there has to be a better way and I came up with an idea. My idea was to create a web site to connect new customers on the internet to all types of local service oriented companies.

This site would generate service leads and then sell the leads to those contractors seeking more work in their own specified areas.

I thought this would be a more cost efficient way of finding more work than local print advertising.

I had it all figured out, I even had a few millionaire investors lined up who wanted to see a business plan. Those business plans can take a while to put together properly you know.

My only problem then was that web design, development and marketing at this time was not as advanced as it is today.

Some capabilities and tools in things like phone app’s and web developments are just happening now in these more recent years. Even cell phones were fairly new for the masses at that time.

No one was going to pay all my bills while I went back to school to learn programming languages, web design development techniques and marketing.

I would have been spending all my time, money and resources on building a new company at the same time too, so I had to put my business ideas aside for a while.

Then one day while searching on the internet, I came across a new service company that was making money by providing leads for all types of contractors.

Believe me I don’t get upset about too much of anything, but words just can’t describe how extremely upset I was on that day. I thought ” They stole my idea”, they listened in on my phone conversations and they stole my idea “LOL”.

Even as time passed and I knew this service could provide my landscaping business with some good leads to bring in more new customers, I was still upset enough or let’s just say it still bothered me enough to this day that I could not bring myself to sign up with them and try it out yet because this was still ” all my idea “.

After a few more seasons passed I finally got over it enough to sign up and join the service only to be reminded all to frequently about my own ideas and how even after a few more years had passed my original ideas and plan was still better and more fair to the contractors.

I work hard at my small businesses and know quite well from experience what kind of lead service would best benefit the smaller contractors.

Since then I have used this same lead service and another one that I like better and they have both brought me many new customers, but at a cost of course.

Like the publications that I used when starting out , these companies were also now becoming too expensive.

After being blessed with 24 wonderful seasons in the landscaping business and meeting some of the most wonderful customers you can imagine, and in light of more recent technological developments, now is the time for me to start developing a new business venture.

This new venture is a less physical job in something I love and understand ” Simple Man from Lynyrd Skynyrd” .

The ability to help all fellow landscapers to further develop their own businesses is something very rewarding that I have some experience with and that I can do when I retire.

So here you have it:

https://www.unitedlandscapersofamerica.org Established 01/04/2016.

I will be dedicating as much of my time as possible to the building of and ongoing development of this web site & it’s web presence, dedicated only to Landscapers, their Landscaping Business’s and all related industries.

I will always welcome your ideas and suggestions for improvements through use of the blog feature from anyone using this site.

 No matter where you are on the site, the ability to ask questions, find answers or make comments will always be at your fingertips from the main menu at the blog page, or in the left sidebar menu.

Welcome, Thank You for being a part of it and may God Bless You all!




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