About Us

      “The early bird gets the worm”

United Landscapers of America will be designed for the benefit of all landscaping businesses, landscapers, related services, supplies, products and industries here in America.

While larger well established landscaping companies can still join, they essentially have already made their mark.

While they can still benefit from membership, our free customer leads are geared more toward helping the smaller business’s that stand the very most to gain by joining and having access to the sites vast member resources.

The main focus of the entire web site will be to help landscaping companies to market their services more efficiently, it will also include other innovative and extremely useful benefits and features.

 The site search / match feature will match them up with local consumers in their selected territories through free leads that will be included with your membership and work in combination with  a phone app developed for this purpose so they may respond not only quickly but efficiently also.

We have been planning and refining things for quite a few years now and in a few short months will be rolling out a new fully featured state of the art national membership web site including a very useful custom phone app for our members only.

It’s your chance right now to get in on the ground floor and reap all the benefits for your business. We welcome you to join now and grow with us.

Membership to United Landscapers of America is a very cost-effective way for a new business to become professionally established and grow more quickly.

 Business Membership is probably one of the best investments a new landscaping or landscaping related business can make starting out and is completely tax-deductible.

Don’t waist another day of opportunity, join today to take advantage of our premium services right now and add your business to our website directory for your city.

When companies join through a membership they will be able to find and connect with one another through search options, blogs and forums.

A new business owner that is advertising an ULA badge on business cards, flyers, truck and or website will build rapport and trust quickly with new clients by demonstrating his serious devotion to his new business because he is already a member of a respectable profession related association.


Landscapers helping other landscapers